Bravo hotel

「Bravo!」Is your first impression to us and is what we strive to achieve.

Friendly smile, intimate service and an elegant design creates a warm impression.
"Bravo Hotel" aims to make every visitor to feel like home.
The beige base with calm colors forms a simple but fashion style. An exclusive room, a simple and warm bed is the perfect place for you to recharge yourself along the journey.

Whether you are on a tough business trip or just looking for a getaway to search the meaning of life, Bravo Hotel is got to be your first choice.

Situated at the business suburb at number 3-1 Chunshan Road, Taichung City, it is close to bus station, the heart of Taichung traffic. It is convenient whether you are heading to the National Museum of Natural Science or other scenic sites like Calligraphy Greenway or Park Lane by CMP.

"Bravo!" is just like the way our visitors to us.